Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things To Consider Before Buying A Tablet

Do You Really Need One?
Will you use your tablet for doing some work too, do you write often, will you need a keyboard? Maybe you just need a netbook. Tablets are neither replacements for PC computers nor smart phones. A tablet is a touch-screen device that is similar to a very advanced portable media player. So think twice before buying a tablet.

What operating system does it run?
There are many different operating systems available for tablets and most popular ones are iOS which comes with Apple’s high tech gadgets and Google’s Android which is becoming more popular day by day.
Other brands have their operating systems and there are few tablets that run Microsoft's Windows 7, and a tablet-friendly Windows 8 is coming.
So search for them and select that is right for you.

Cellular 3G Tablet or Wifi Only?
All tablets have Wi-Fi access so you can wirelessly connect them to a network but there are ones those also support 3G so you can use the internet everywhere, every time, so consider this before buying a new tablet.

Will You Use It Just for Surfing and Playing Media?
Tablet PCs are devices aimed more at surfing the net, playing media, playing some games but they are definitely not for writing, designing or programming. The lack of a physical keyboard and limited screen size are making things hard for those tasks.

How Many Apps Do You Want?
The Apple App Store has over 300,000 apps ready for download, for iPad 2 there are 65,000 applications specially designed for the iPad. Android can benefit from over 2000 apps and more are on the way.

What About Storage Space?
All tablets comes with at least 16GB memory available and this is more than enough for storing music and photos, but if want to install lots of  applications and store HD video you must pay extra for the extra space, or choose ones with microSD slots.

Size Matters for Tablet PCs
Weight, screen size and thickness are very important, so think;
Are you going to carry it everywhere with you (weight), or are you going to watch movies (screen size) with it.

Things to  avoid
Cheap Android-based tablets are everywhere with very cheap prices, there are even tablets for $50.
Unfortunately, tablets in the below $200 are often disappointing they are slow, heavy, they lack of applications and  a very short battery life.


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