Sunday, November 6, 2011

5 Tablet PCs for Christmas Gift 2011

Tablet PCs are the new trend and every day more and more people, start to use Tablet PCs. There are lots of tablets on the market from many brands today with lots of models and different features. We know it is really hard and confusing to select the right Tablet PC especially if you are buying it as a gift.
If you have already read/search about these gadgets, you probably have an idea about latest products like, Apple’s iPad, Motorola Xoom or upcoming Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet.  Yes the tablet market is very crowded but every model is unique in someway or other.
If you want to gift a Tablet PC for Christmas, inspect the features carefully and choose one that is the most usable for the recipient. Of course price is a very important factor, luckily, like every Christmas season; you can buy gifts from the online stores with great discounts.
Here we list 5 great tablets of 2011 to gift your loved one which will make great Christmas gifts.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, Inexpensive but Great Features

This Kindle Fire Tablet is one of the latest tablets with many features.
Other than it is great features, the price of this Tablet is very inexpensive compared to any this level Tablet PCs. As we say the features of this device are great like and this is sure a great gift.
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iPad2, Everyone’s Dream

Not need to say much, many people thinks this is the best tablet on the market. iPad 2 has a large clear display, it is very powerful and the most important,  there are thousands of applications available. And it is no doubt this is the dream gift for many people.
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Motorola Xoom Tablet PC, Power of Android
Motorola Xoom is powered by Google’s Android platform. This means the user always get access to Android App Store to pick from many applications. Like many tablets Xoom has different configurations and our recommendation is the one with 10.1 inch display screen.  Xoom has high capable dual-core processor so it is great for users who like to play games and play hd videos. With HDMI connection on the devie, you could watch movies on your HDTV.
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HP Touchpad Tablet PC, Great Price

This one has a 9.7″ multi-touch screen, and loaded with dual-core processor. This tablet for HP runs on HP web Operating System, and has some interesting features like high quality audio support and HP printer support. The price is also very competitive these days.
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Toshiba Thrive Tablet PC, Powerful Graphics
This is also an Android powered device, so again you can use Android App Store to find many applications you need. Thrive’s advantage over other tablets is its powerful graphics capability. This tablet is capable to decode full HD video since it has a separate graphics processor (NVIDIA GeForce) like in traditional PCs. This tablet is one of the best Christmas Gift you can give any one.
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