Sunday, October 30, 2011

Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision Video Shows How The Future Will Look Like

Few years ago, Microsoft made showing what the future could be like and they now released a new version of that video.

The video can be viewed as both a commercial for Microsoft and a realistic view of the future.

In the short film you can see a definite emphasis on mobile technology gadgets being thinner, as the tablets and mobile phones are as thin as credit cards.

The only extreme technology that we can’t see working today is the 3D and 2D interactivity. We can see some sort of hologram floats in front of them easily sliding between tables and newspaper on the video.

There is a definite emphasis on the video that everything will be connectable like in the Avatar movie, but in a wireless way. I do not know how long it will take to have such technology. But don’t forget; “The future is now!” and we are happy with any smart phone that we can play Angry Birds on it.


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